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Clemson University Civil War African-American Revolutionary War
"I'll Be Back"
by Steven Jordan


"Never Give Up the Field"
by Don Troiani
"Second Hat"
by Don Stivers
"Sunday in Winchester"
by John Paul Strain
"Gray Ghost"
by Mort Kunstler
"The Payroll Ambush"
by Don Stivers
by Andy Thomas
"54th Massachusetts"
by Mort Kunstler
"A Prayer of Thanksgiving"
"Crockett's Western Battalion"
by Don Troiani
"Nathan Hale"
by Don Troiani
"Concord Brdge"
by Don Troiani

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Clemson University Art Prints and Collectibles
  • Clemson University art, prints, books, and diploma framing.
  • Great Clemson Gifts and Collectibles including over a dozen Clemson Books, including: "CLEMSON - There's Something in These Hills" - Autographed copies available at no extra charge!
  • All diploma frames include Archival Quality materials and Conservation Clear Glass.
  • 1981 Clemson "National Champions" Collectibles
  • Original Memorial Stadium seat blocksand Tillman Hall bricks! Both are fund-raisers for Clemson organizations!
Civil War Prints
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  • Call, or e-mail if you do not find a print here!
  • Now Available: Mort Kunstler's "Confederate Winter"
  • JUST PURCHASED: We just purchased a huge selection of Troiani, Gallon, and Stivers prints.
  • Large selection of "near mint" watch prints available below retail.
African-American Military Prints Page
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  • All sculptures (in stock) now on sale!
  • Buffalo Soldier Prints
  • Autographed Tuskegee Airmen Prints!
  • Stivers prints and note cards.
  • "Tracking Victorio" by Stivers now available!
Napoleonic War Prints Page
  • Prints and Canvases by Keith Rocco
Doug Shealey Stadium Art Prints Page
  • Prints from hand-painted original art - not photographs!
Johnny Lynch Puppy Prints Page
  • Puppies and your favorite college footbal helmet.6
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