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Tuskegee Airmen Page
Subjects include autographed prints and hand-painted sculptures.

African-American Sculpture Page
Subjects include Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, a Vietnam Soldier and Nurse, Civil War Soldier, and Sailor.
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Don Stivers Notecards Page
Ten of Stivers "Buffalo Soldier" print images are now available in notecard form.

Limited Edition Prints

Robert Bailey
["Tuskegee Junction"] ["Red Tail Pass"] ["Tuskegee Titans"] ["Tuskegee Trigger Time"] ["Tuskegee Thunder"] ["Ramitelli Rumble"]

John Will Davis
["Female Buffalo Soldier"] ["Supreme Honor"] ["Break for Prayer"] ["Spiritual Support"]

Ric Druett
["Tuskegee Airmen" Set of 4 autographed prints]

Dale Gallon
["Wagonmaster Fight"] ["Saving the Lieutenant's Hair"] ["Henry O. Flipper"] ["Midnight Hour]
["The Tenth Horse"] ["Dress on the Colors"]

Michael Gnatek
["Distant Thunder"] ["Sgt. Carney's Flag"]

Paul Goodnight
["All the Riches in the World"]

William Jennings
["Female Buffalo Soldier"]

Mort Künstler
["Buffalo Soldier"] ["Buffalo Soldier of the West"]

Frank McCarthy
Copyright Greenwich Workshop
["Ambush at Ancient Rocks"] ["Buffalo Soldiers - Advance as Skirmishers"] ["Charge of the Buffalo Soldier"]

Walter Reddy
["I'll Pray Everyday"]

Rick Reeves
["Father, Into Your Hands I Commit Thy Spirit"] ["Pride Over Prejudice"] ["26th S.C." (U.S.C.T.)]
["Dress on the Colors"] ["It's Up to Us"]

Don Stivers
["Keep 'em Rolling"] ["LT Charles Young"] ["A Legacy of Leadership and Excellence"]
["Tracking Victorio"] ["Proud to Serve"] ["Warning Shot"] ["Ready For Ten"]
["The Chase at Rattlesnakes Springs"] ["The Promise"] ["The Redoubtable Sergeant"] ["Day of Honor"]
["The Discovery"] ["Fresh Tracks, Sergeant"] ["Home at Last"] ["Black Rattlers"] ["10th U.S. Cavalry Rides Again"]
["Signal Smoke"] ["LT Charles Young"] ["Keep 'em Rollin'"]
["The Rescue"] [Notecard Boxes]

Robert Summers
["Fort Davis"] ["Off Duty"] ["Fort Concho"] ["Move Out"] ["Sole Rider"] ["Golden Moment"]

Don Troiani
["1st SC" (U.S.C.T.)] ["Mahones Counterattack"]

Bobb Vann
["Charge of the Sergeant Major"] ["Protecting the Settlers"] ["Rescuing His Bunkie"] ["Soon"] ["Waiting For Her Warrior"] ["Spring"] ["Summer"] ["Fall"] ["Winter"] ["Grandma's Steps"] ["Mister Williams"] ["The Victorio Campaign"] ["2nd Lieutenant, 9th Cavalry"] ["Tenth Rescuing the Captives"] ["Give 'em Hell Fifty-Fourth"] ["Sergeant Major, 54th Mass Infantry"] ["10th Cavalry in Pursuit"] ["The Premonition"] ["Liberty's First"] ["We Were Always There"] ["We Were Always There, II"] ["Bill Pickett, Bulldogger"] ["Deputy U.S. Marshall, Indian Territory"]

Ernest Varner
["A Noble Past] ["Miles to Go - One" (All-American Edition)] ["Miles to Go - Two" (African-American Edition)]
["The Longest Mile"] ["My Hero"] ["Mentor"] ["You're Not Alone"] ["The Dreamer"] ["In the Key of Life"]

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