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"Gen. George Washington, New York Campaign 1776"

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"Gen. George Washington, New York Campaign 1776"
by Don Troiani

He was the right man at the right time. Perhaps no other person than George Washington would have been able to inspire, unite, and lead an army of haggard citizen soldiers from thirteen divergent colonies and make possible the creation of a new nation. His powerful presence and unassailable integrity made this gentleman planter from Virginia stand above all his contemporaries. Despite impossible odds and a string of failures on the battlefield, Washington and his brave Continentals persevered until they were at last able to meet the foe as equals and establish the modern world's first democracy.

Image: 12" x 16"
Overall: 16" x 22"
Regular Edition Size 1200 Signed and Numbered
Artist Proof Edition Size: 100 Signed and Numbered

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