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"A Noble Past"

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"A Noble Past"
by Ernest E. Varner

18" x 24" Canvas Giclee
295 Enhanced Signed and Numbered Prints
Release Price: $350.00

30 Enhanced Artist Proofs
Release Price: $1200.00

Current Price: Check our current price list.

Col. Varner's newest print release features an African-American Buffalo Soldier and a Zulu Warrior. Varner accompanied a local Buffalo Soldier Regiment/Reenactment unit which was invited by The South African Embassy for a U. S. cavalry demonstration and display. Varner was there to make a special presentation of a copy of one of his images ("The Longest Mile") to the American Ambassador to that country. During his visit, descendants of Buffalo Soldiers and Zulu Warriors were showcased in demonstrations that celebrated heroes of Mother Africa.

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