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"Move Out"

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"Move Out"(detail)
by Robert Summers

Image size: 18" x 27"
Regular Edition: 950 Signed and Numbered
Artist Proof Edition: 95 Signed and Numbered
Canvas Transfer: 50 Signed and Numbered
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As members of the 9th and 10th U.S. Cavalry Regiments stationed in the southwest frontier, soldiers of African descent compiled a notable record of military accomplishments in the Indian Wars of the late 19th century.

The Apache Indians fought to maintain control of the frontier by attacking settlers, wagon trains, and stagecoaches. The Apaches were especially noted for their ability to evade pursuing forces. Following their hostile attacks, the Apaches would travel long distances from where they had attacked, by riding hard and fast while at the same time surviving off of the land.

When pursuing the Apaches, the soldiers knew the only way to capture the Apaches was to ride harder and faster than the Apache. The tenacitiy and courage displayed by the soldiers earned them the respect of the Indians who called the "Buffalo Soldiers". The buffalo was a sacred animal to the Indians, therefore, the black soldiers accepted the title with pride.

"Move Out" is the fourth print in an ongoing series called the "Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers" by Robert Summers. The other prints in the series are: "Ft. Davis", "Off Duty", and "Ft. Concho".
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Current Price: Check our current price list.

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